Monday, 30 December 2013 @ 3:20 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Hmm kay actually I'm a boarding school student.
:U And the school will start on 1/1/2014.
That means, we have to go back to the school on 31/12/2013.
Which is tomorrow.
Omooo. Doshiyou??
Well I guess I have to start packing now huh. ^~^
Tbh I am so lazy --"
But what to do.
And so, I cannot update this blog always after this.
Hmm haaa. This's what you call a student's life.
Meh ==" So, yeah, goodbye people!! See you soon!
And happy new year :3 Take care.


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Friday, 27 December 2013 @ 4:10 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Okey act aku buat benda ni saja-saja je.
Hari ni aku nak beritahu acano nak buat cbox .
Ok ok, benda ni sebenarnya common dan mesti ramai orang dah tahu kan.
Tapi mesti ada juga yang tahu.
So yeah sebab tu aku buat post ni. 
Sesiapa nak baca, dipersilakan. Kalau takmau, takpoo. Butang X senantiasa ada.
Okey so let's start.
Follow the steps kay :)))
Anyway , kalau nak tengok gambar-gambar tu dengan teliti, klik jer. Nanti
dia membesar ^^

1. Pergi ke laman web ni. >CLICK HERE< 
Muncul website ni kan?  *click untuk besar*

2. OK pastu klik dekat sign up yang macam dibulatkan tu. 

3. Lepas tu muncul page ni pula :D Kan? Kalau tak muncul, salah tekanlah tu. Huu.

4. So, isikan la tempat-tempat kosong tu macam dibuat bawah ni. 
Yang cbox name: tu, isikan je apa-apa yang korang nak asalkan korang ingat. 
Cbox name tu akan digunakan sebagai login name nanti. Soon!
Email addres pula e-mel korang lah. Password, yeahyeah macam biasa.
Website, letak url blog pun boleh. Language ENGLISH , Style tu pula pilih apa-apa
yang korang sukakan.
Jangan lupa klik "I have read and do agree" blabla tu yea!
Pastu tekan CREATE MY CBOX!

5. Muncullah pula page ni. Okay ignore text dia pastu login.
Nampak kat kotak merah yang dibuat tu. Ha guna password yang korang buat tadi
untuk login ^^

6. And then this appeared!! Seperti dalam bulatan merah tu, korang isi apa-apa yang
patut termasuk password. Pastu klik Apply.

7. Saved! Pastu korang scroll ke atas balik, nampak tak perkataan "Publish"
sebelah perkataan Home tu? He, dah bulat dah. So yeah, klik pula situ.

8. Page ni muncul kan? Hm okey scroll ke bawah.

9. Bila dah scroll ke bawah, nampak kan kan kotak ni? Nampak kan code yang
banyak-banyak bawah Copy to Clipboard tu? Copy semua benda dalam kotak biru tu k.

10. Pastu korang Log in >> Layout >> Add A Gadget >> HTML/JavaScript.
Paste di situ. Lepas tu, save yaa. Korang buat camtu kalau korang tak guna blogskin.
Macam mana kalau guna blogskin pula? Hm haa itu bergantung kepada jenis blogskin
korang pakai tu la. 

Kalau ada apa-apa soalan, silakan tanya yaaa >w< Mario is always hereeee
(sebelum sekolah bermula la harhar).  Kalau ada salah, sorry eh.

Kbai. Sekian.

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013 @ 2:11 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOOOOOWNNN. Terengg tenggg terengg. 
Okay merepek. Post sebenar start di bawah;

Please forgive me for my English :( Practice makes perfeeeect.

Today, I just want to post a simple post. (lewl).
Now that 2013 is almost over,
I want to say goodbye.
This year, I am fourteen and enjoying my life at STF
as one of the Sui Generis 1216.
As one of the 2 Feminin.
As one of the Block B/Zeti.
As one of the Dorm B-3.
Also as an anime lover x)
I met many people with different personalities. Some were fun and some were strange.
I've through so many obstacles that were hard and easy.
Of course, with my funny and weird friends and family members. Teehee.
They made me felt that everything were simple. (_ _") Seihh.
Oh yeahh , not everyone was friendly with me.
But it's okay. 
It's not like I really care anyway.
2013 you ran so fast x)
Thank you for being wonderful. 
Thank you Allah because You gave me these awesome memories and
friends. ^^ Thank you Allah for this precious soul. For giving me air to breathe. For giving me
Al-Quran as guidance , Iman and Doa as my weapon.
Yay ^^
Sayang kamuu di STF dan kawan-kawan Internet dan blogger and others :3
Sorry for my mistakes! :)
Now smile! haha.

Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great.

- Thanks for the memories, Fall Out Boy

Take care.
A man dances with an ostrich egg. An ostrich joins in



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Sunday, 22 December 2013 @ 12:56 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Okay so I slept last night and then I woke up this morning.
Like usual.
But then I found something fishy, about my neck.
Yeah, I think I slept "salah bantal" lah last night.
Now now now.
So my neck is now sprained. Or sick, or whatever it is.
And I cannot turn to left!!! Or I'll scream. In pain.
I miss this. (_ _")
Okay that's all.


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Monday, 16 December 2013 @ 7:25 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone!
Okay today I want to share my favourite song.
It is Clarity by Zedd ft Foxes.
I think I am addicted to that song.
Tbh , that song's really good and I love it.
But, I prefer a cover of it by Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider.
You know what, I really want to put that song in my blog,
but urhhh. I cannot find the song (cover by Sam Tsui) at
Okay don't be mad ah. I cannot find other website.
What to do. Sigh. Anyway this is the Clarity (cover by Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider)
video. Enjoy! :D  (p/s: don't forget to pause my blog's song!)

Oh anyway, sorry for my bad English :/

p/s: Finally I can put it in my blog! Yay! After a few hours x)

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Sunday, 15 December 2013 @ 8:48 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Yo, minna-san! x)
Okay actually I am not really happy =m=
Actually, my family and I went to KL on Friday.
I told you right, that we have a cat. Her name is Uni.
She's cute!
But.. I have a sad news.
When we went to KL, we had to leave Uni at house because, oh well,
we didn't know where to put her. So yeah. She was left alone.
Then, we came back home yesterday.
Uni's gone.
;___;  We were like, "Where is she?" 
So we waited for her last night to give her food.
And she didn't come home. Until today. Until now.
We are sad!
>___< Esp my father. He was the one who eager to keep her.
My father said,
"Haih baru nak jaga kucing.. hilang dah."
So yeah. Now I am wondering, where is Uni?
I am not really close with her. But still.


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Thursday, 12 December 2013 @ 7:59 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello everyone!
Yatta~ ogenki desuka? ^3^
OK haha tu poyo. Actually I want to express my feelings.
I want to do my homework, of course. Since it's already 12 Dec and yeah
of course. I don't want to die on my first day of school.
But , I want to watch anime too ;__;
And also K-Dramas. Okay okay,
it's not like I watch K-Dramas or what. It is just, my mom watch
them so for some reasons I watch them too. =_= Don't ask me why. Haih.
What Should I Do?
Okay okay I know you'll reply, "do your homework!"
Nooooo . It's better if you don't reply haha.
Nehi nehi.
I will do , them. Soon. Very soon. Not now. Soon.

My time to finish my homework will come later.
Okay . Till then,

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Saturday, 7 December 2013 @ 9:03 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and heelo to everyone!!
Ok now I am joining a giveaway by Leetulis!
Click the banner below to join :)

Start 2 December until 27 December. 
Facebook: Farihah Syahmina 

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013 @ 8:37 am
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.


Okay so, I wanna tell you about something. About a cat!
Recently, a cute cat has been coming to our house, begging for food.
So, my family and I, started to accept her as a new family member! 
She's so cute. On the day we decided to accept her,
my father said, "Nama dia Tompok!"
But my sister and I were like, NO. That name is so common, right?? Yeah it
did sound cute but oh well. After seeing our reaction towards that name,
my father replied, "Okey takpe. Apa yang ayah tahu, nanti ayah dah balik kerja,
make sure dia dah ada nama okey."
We were like, yay!
And so after a few hours, he came back home and asked, 
"Apa nama kucing tu?"
Andd.... we were like, wut? And stared at each other, anxiously.
Quickly I said, "Neko-tan! Nama dia Neko-tan!"
My father, my mother and my sister frowned. Their reaction, "say again?"
and tbh , I hate that kind of reaction, lewl sorry XDXD
And so my father decided, "Nama dia Uni!! Uni!! Neko-tan tu complicated sangat."
So her name is Uni instead of Neko-tan. Or Tompok.
So , yay! We've a cat now! 
Wanna see her picture?? Okey, click these pictures to make it bigger.

Okay lewl sorry I'm so bad at taking pictures.
Well at least you can see its fur and eyes! -__-"
Okay babai. Thanks for reading.

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Hey. You may call me Ray. I am Malaysian and proud to be the last 90s. Still young. Currently, in love with a few English bands like FOB, MCR, Skillet, Green Day, Simple Plan, BunkFace, One OK Rock, Alexandros and etc etc. Also like anime and good music. Life is quite busy lately but hey I still have to enjoy it before it ends right? Ask anything at Cbox! Woohoo!

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