Wednesday, 31 December 2014 @ 7:33 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Okey sekarang dalam mood neutral dan blank.
(_ _")
So sekarang aku nak cakap pasal sakit.
Eceh. Jangan risau. Ini bukan post emo ye.
Masih selamat untuk meneruskan pembacaan.
Ha ha ha.
Hm.. memang dalam hidup aku ni, sejujurnya,
ada banyak prinsip. Prinsip yang aku buat
untuk diri aku la, so dapat terus hidup kat
bumi ni sebelum diseru.
Salah satu daripada prinsip-prinsip aku ialah,
jangan pernah pandang rendah kat 
kesakitan orang.
never look down at one's pain.
Aku tak tahu sejak bila aku ada prinsip ni,
dia just ada dalam diri aku.
Memang serius aku cakap. Walaupun orang tu
menjerit merayu sakit pasal benda yang merapu-rapu,
[kecuali waktu dia bergurau and aku tahu
bila waktu orang bergurau, jangan risau],
aku akan tetap cuba tenangkan.
Tak pernah pandang rendah.

"mario weh mak aku nak membebel lagi.
tolonglah. aku rasa nak mati je."

Yak alah.
Aku tiap tiap hari kot kena bebel.
Lepak jer. 
Pe benda la kau ni.

Memang kadang kadang orang akan cakap camtu kan.
Nak contoh lagi? Sekejap.

"esok nak balik sekolah. boleh tak
kalau aku nak mati?"
[Ayat ni kena expert bezakan gurauan atau tidak]

Apa kau ni! Balik sekolah je kot. Ish.

Ayat yang atas ni memang susah sikit nak bezakan.
Memang mostly gurauan.
Tapi korang tau tak bila masa dia serius?
Nak cakap ni.
Kau tahu tak apa yang kawan tu lalui ,
atau betapa susahnya dia nak kena stabilkan
minda dia untuk harungi benda benda yang diorang
cakap tu walaupun nampak remeh?
Ada a certain orang,
memang benda benda macam ni mudah
stresskan diorang dan beratkan hati.
Rasa macam nak pecahkan kepala .
Hentak kepala.
Potong tangan.
Pening yang dahsyat sampai nak mati.
Pergi lari berharap dilanggar kereta.
Pecahkan pasu dan tingkap.
Kau tak tahu.
Memang diorang tak cerita,
sebab benda benda ni payah dicerita.
Kadang kadang orang tak tahu bezakan.
Sebab tu lah, bila orang merungut tu
jangan pandang rendah.
Orang tak tahu betapa teruk emosi dia.
Orang tak tahu betapa remuk hati dia.
Orang tak tahu betapa dia berharap nak mati.
Susah. Susah.
So aku cakap lagi,
tolonglah jangan pandang rendah.
Kalau malas nak layan pun,
cakap je,

"it's going to be okay."
"jangan risau. mesti okey."
"ingat ALLAH."
"betulkan niat."
"kau boleh. aku tahu."
"kau layan je."
"lek ah aku ada."

tu memang ayat-ayat yang at least la
patut disebut seorang kawan,
kepada seorang kawan.
Sebab kadangkadang diorang remuk
sebab balasan yang diterima.
Ingat tu.
You never knew that you just saved a life.
Take note la ha ha.
Tapi kalau dah kawan tu bergurau,
memang kau dah kenal dia sangat,
jangan la serius sangat pula.
 Ha ha ha.
Tapi still jangan meremehkan.


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Saturday, 27 December 2014 @ 4:03 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone
So is everyone fine now? First of all,
I want to say my sympathy to the victims of flood.
Yes indeed this is one of Allah's test on His
tough and strong believers. Stay strong, Malaysia!
Okay so now I want to talk about a book.
Yeah yeah I always read books but just too lazy
to write about them. Haha --'
A few months ago, my sis +Farah Syamimi 
post a picture of this book Fixi: Gantung by 
Nadia Khan on her Instagram.
Her caption was like, showing that book is so
"WOW!" or something like that.
So, I was like, "oh really?" and been searching
for that book for months, ofc. And finally found it
at Alamanda's MPH :"D
And I read it for half day and one night.
Then finished.
So how was it?
Hm. How do I say it eh?
To be honest, I freaking love the plot!!
Hahaha. The element of surprise in this book
is really shocking yet so smooth. The author was
revealing the truth one by one, like pulling
papers layer by layer, It's like, you could guess
it but it's still surprising.
And the each characters of this book has
strong personality. They have their
own style and their purpose in the novel.
The timeline is okay too. The author
knows what she does and really good
at changing time and background.
I mean, like, oh I really hope you
guys understand what am I babbling
over here hahahaha. Sorry for my bad 
at arranging words.
Despite the good qualities of this book,
of course there are some other things I want to 
mention too. 
Hmm, it's not quite a big deal but this
novel shows some bad moral values. I mean,
yeah, I know it's the reality of the world,
but maybe some readers will eventually
follow the bad attitudes of the characters.
But of course, that's the readers' own choice
Either they want to follow or not.
Something like that.
But other than that, yes, this book
is really good and worth reading.


So this is the book.
Gantung, written by Nadia Khan
and published by Fixi (2013).
Price: RM19.90
(Wait the price is the same right at every store?)

And that's all.
I'm sorry for any of my wrongdoings
and bad words or sentences. And my grammatical
errors, of course. Haha. 
Hope you understand it.


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Tuesday, 23 December 2014 @ 8:37 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Yas I really miss this black and dull blog of mine
with my visitors!! Here get 
some of my kisses. xxxx.
Haha. Nuh uh. *takes it back*
So yeah recently my family and I went for
a vacation at Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit
Tinggi and yep back to Kuala Lumpur.
Just six days.
Okay lemme tell you the journey! :D
//really in a good mood
So on 18th Dec [Thurs], we first
went to our kampung at Perak to celebrate
my cousin Kak Nana's wedding. It was fun!
I spent most of my times with my cousins,
Saif, Adam, Del, Betty, Fizaaaaa, Cici,
and others. XD
So these pictures below are us at Perak.

Yahhh those are us! Hahah quirkyyy.
I hope there are still any reader here?
Haha okay wtv. So then skip we went to
Kuala Lumpur for one day one night 
to attend my other cousin Hanif's 
wedding. Yaaa, alhamdulillah for them.
//bila turn kakak aku ni eih?//
Sorry no picture huhu.
Woohoo joget sikit joget sikit.
Yeah, I have to admit that I was so
freaking excited when it's about Bukit Tinggi.
Because the design of the buildings at 
Cormal Tropicale is SO France-themed!
//ha excited noh kauu//
Lawa gila.
But I really have to give you
a warning,
if you want to go there,
make sure you bring, like, RM500+
even if for one night.
I am being serious right now, trust me.
But anyway.
Pictures time, again.

Pretty, no? :DD
I mean like seriously.
Terasa macam betul-betul kat Eropah.
Okay peeps, I think I'm done writing for now.
Yeah yeah I don't really enjoy writing
too much on blog, or people will get
really really bored.
I mean. like.
Even now you are bored ay? Hahaha.
Sorry sorry xD And sorry for too
much pictures because me myself don't really
enjoy seeing too many pictures in a post.

Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow 
maybe I will update about a book review.
Tata! Thanks!

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014 @ 10:16 am
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Yelloooo! Ray is here, writing something useless
but hey-at-least-it's-my-blog! Ha, lemme
tell you another story of mine.
Before this, I always watched vocaloids video.
Do you know vocaloids? Go Google them.
Cause I don't know how to explain.
But I can give you some examples. Vocaloids
are like Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len and Rin,
Gumi, Kaito Shion etc etc. They sing Japanese 
and cool songs, but they're 
robots. Robots in anime bodies. Literally. 
Here are some pictures
of them;

Hatsune Miku

Kagamine Rin and Len


and etc etc. You can google others by yourself.

In fact, their songs always inspire me to
create more stories and give me more and more
ideas to do mysteries stories. Because they are
unique. [Still shipping LenxRin].

But then.
[Thun thun thunn]
Chazo introduced me to Fall Out Boy.
I still remembered it clearly. One day, Chazo
called me (or texted me?) something like,

Chazo: Mario Mario kau ingat tak lagu ini?
Familiar tak lagu ni?
*plays a really unfamiliar song*

Me: Uh... tak? Serius. Tak.

Chazo: *geram* Ala ini ala lagu ini ada dalam
video apa entah hari tu. Aku ada terdengar dkt
TV pastu macam familiar so aku cari la lagu ni.
Ni lagu Fall Out Boy, My Songs Know What You
Did In The Dark.

Ha ha. Jangan memain. Banyak useless conversations
aku dengan minah ni yang banyak tersimpan dalam kepala ni.
Entah mengapa. Precious kot? Eh geli. Haha.
So then, I investigated this band called Fall Out Boy.
At first, I wasn't interested with them. Just only a few
of their songs that I knew such as My Songs 
Know What You Did In The Dark, The Phoenix,
Dance Dance and Thanks For The Memories.
[Downloaded them, in fact].
But then, recently,
I started to watch their videos again at
Youtube (of course. pft where else?).
And I tripped into another fandom before
I realized it. I mean, like, they're quite 
awesome. And, as usual, I stalked their
backgrounds and yadayadayada.
Just after that,
I found out about Panic! At The Disco
since FOB and Brendon Urie, the lead singer of 
P!ATD are quite close.
And then some other bands.
And so I like them too!!
See, when I have liked something,
it's hard to look or like another band or
music. And I don't really care for looks.
I just look at their music. And quirkiness.
Do you understand me? I am in so
trouble right now. Haha.
Grr gediknya.
So what? xD
Actually, the real reason I wrote this post
just to kill my time and tell you about my
little "fandom".
Eh wait.
Am I using this word fandom correctly?
Okay so. These are them;

Fall Out Boy
From left; Andy Hurley, Patrick Stump, 
Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz.

Simple Plan
Lead Singer: Pierre Bouvier.

Panic! At The Disco
Lead Singer: Brendon Urie

Linkin Park

All Time Low
Lead Singer: Alex Gaskarth

Please take note;
I do not idolize them. Just like
their music. x.


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Tuesday, 16 December 2014 @ 2:55 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Hai hai. For your information, I will know
the results of my PT3 in 7 days and I am feeling
so nervous with a bit excited.
I don't know lah.
But I don't think I will be at school on 
Results Day because I will be at KL.
Or Bukit Tinggi. Or somewhere else but 
definitely not Johor hm hm. It's okay.
I can look up my results through
phone xD
So... lately I've been watching some dramas
and one of them is Sherlock.
Haaa. Siapa pernah tengok Sherlock kat sini?
Nah. Benedict Cumberbatch acts as Sherlock Holmes
and Dr Watson starred by Martin Freeman.

It's good. Nice plot and characters.
Had 3 seasons with 3 episodes each season.
Ha ha, weird, no? At first I thought it was
strange too. I mean, like, seriously?
Only three episodes in one season?
Never heard about that!
But then I figured out, one episode is
one hour and half long.
Still weird tho.
But it's worth to watch this Sherlock.
So.. watch it! Hahaha.
I'm sorry, I would like to give you the link to download
this story,
but I'm afraid my blog will be banned ha ha ha.
Hm hm.
Oh ya, I cannot think any more of words
to write even though my mind is pack of ideas,
So I just wanna post a picture.

[click for a better view]

No offense?
[Some people will understand!]
 He he.

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Friday, 12 December 2014 @ 8:42 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Haa. As you know, I've been a lazy human being since
the first day I arrived home. But, today I went out of
my home because I hang out with my friends :D
Like somebody said,
a day with baes is a productive day indeed.
Gedik tak gedik? Haha. Sabar je la.
So yeah, I hang out with Naura, Nani and Azlin
at City Square. Actually I invited Joey and Shaker
too but they turned down my invitations because
of their own reasons. It's okayy.
So at first we went watched a movie entitled
BIG HERO 6!!!!
caution: no spoilers

[click for a better view]

Why is it so good?
Because first, the film is really is good
with good graphics, awesome story line and
funny and lovable characters [such as Hiro? ;D]
And second, of course,
because Fall Out Boy sang for this song!
Their song title is Immortals.
When I heard this song, I was like,
"OMG OMG Nani listen to that! Naura listen!
Nani it's FOB! Azlin, it's awesome ay?"
Haha I was being such a nuisance and create
noises at the cinema. Sorry!
But the cinema was quite empty anyway heh.
Of course, the person I remembered when
I heard the song was +Putri Athierah aka Joey.
And then we had lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop.
One person pays RM23.50 pfft.
[We were lost before we could find the restaurant]
[True story]
Lastly, [after a few useless scenes and shoppings],
we had some rest at Baskin Robbins.
And tbh I was the only one who bought 
ice-cream hurrr. Fat person I am not. :9
So these are us.
At Baskin Robbins.
[I put some stupid stickers, focus on Naura's face
please. Ahahahahaha]

So that's that.
Thanks for reading! :3

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Monday, 8 December 2014 @ 11:59 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone!

Good news to some fans in a year ago.

Okay so. Holla.
Fall Out Boy is back?
Oh well, Ray is back too! Somebody celebrate meh!
Hahaha. Padahal pergi tak lama pun.
So yeah, it's holiday, obviously.
And here's the obvious and cliche question,
where do you go for holiday?!!
I can die of boredom if I stay a minute longer in this house.
I'm so bored. Bored bored. When I report my
boredom to some of my friends, they just say,
"tengok tv? tengok anime? baca buku?"
And there's one this friend
She is brutal
She even said
"just go kill yourself"
Oh my.
Hahahahaha. Jangan risau. Tak ambil hati.
I just found out how to kill my boredom,

1) Play escape games.
2) Watch Fall Out Boys's videos! And other bands.
3) Go for a vacation

And there's a problem with number 3.
I mean, like, where should I go and who is
generous enough to bring me for a vacation?
Who is the kind-hearted person?!
Oh ya, I just remembered,
I'm going out with my friends this Friday.
Hooray! :D
And I just remembered my homework!
Ho ha ha ha ha. That is funny.
I mean, like,
what is homework?
Okay bye.
Enjoy your holidays, and don't waste it
like me.


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Monday, 1 December 2014 @ 12:11 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Hello hello hello.
And I don't know how many hellos should I say more.
You see, actually and honestly, I do not know
where to start my story.
Fuh fuh bismillahirahmanirrahim.
Okey. Um. Er. Macam mana ek nak cakap.
Okey macam ni lah.
Aku... er.. waduh malu pulak. Macam nilah.
Yang penting, ha macam ni.
Aku rasa macam kepercayaan terasa macam kaca semalam.
Lepas itu kepercayaan itu dibaling ke dinding,
lepas tu pecah berderai, bak kaca.
Sakit dia tu macam menoreh-noreh hati aku.
Macam tulah.
Tapi aku lek je.
Sebab orang yang baling kepercayaan tulah memang orang
yang aku sayang dan aku memang boleh 'be myself' setiap kali
dengan dia.
Tak jugak.
Tapi macam tu jugaklah.
Entah. Keliru.
Tapi aku memang bersyukurlah, sebab rasa kepercayaan
tu tak teruk sangat lukanya sebab dari dulu lagi aku tak percaya dia.
Memang dah kenal sangat.
Tahu dia macam tu.
Tapi aku tetap simpan sikit rasa percaya,
sebab dia sangat pandai berkata.
Sweet talker, bak kata orang.
Ha macam tulah.
Korang mestilah ada pengalaman macam ni juga kan?
Alah cliche kot. Selalu.
Aku je yang sibuk nak menulis kat sini.
Nak buat macam mana. Memang stail aku nak luahkan perasaan
dengan menulis. So kena jugak ah kan menulis.
Apa-apa pun,
Apa-apa harapan dan alasan kau kasi lepas ini,
aku akan jelir lidah je la ye.
Memang tak tahu nak letak kepercayaan tu macam mana lagi dah.
Sorry ek.
Bergembiralah dengan si dia//

p/s: rasa macam cengeng dan lembik sekarang.

p/s: kalau sesiapa ni baca dan perasan dia lah orangnya,
tolong berhenti perasan. sebab siapa pun kau, bukan
kau orangnya. aku yakin. walaupun memang kau yang baca.
anggap la coretan ini hanya untuk orang tak wujud.

Hidup mesti lepak,
Result tetap gempak.

Eh eh takde kaitan. Haha. Result 22 Dec nanti. Doakan saya.
Babai. Sekian,

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Hey. You may call me Ray. I am Malaysian and proud to be the last 90s. Still young. Currently, in love with a few English bands like FOB, MCR, Skillet, Green Day, Simple Plan, BunkFace, One OK Rock, Alexandros and etc etc. Also like anime and good music. Life is quite busy lately but hey I still have to enjoy it before it ends right? Ask anything at Cbox! Woohoo!

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