Saturday, 31 January 2015 @ 9:13 am
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
It's morning, my favourite time of a day.
You see, I'm thinking about something and
suddenly I feel like telling a story. True or not,
it's up to you which you want to believe.
I'm just the storyteller.
Okay this story started with a girl.
She never had confidence in herself,
and always wondered,
How come everyone around me can be so
successful, when I am here all alone with
misery and failure as my best companies?
It was true though.
Her best friend could write great stories.
Her neighbor was amazing with music.
Her another neighbor was an athletic.
All other friends were good at socializing.
Her sisters were so smart and great leaders.
Her other friend could memorize numbers and
essays in minutes. 
And then there she was alone despair 
with her failures.
She couldn't do anything.
She was useless.
I am useless, that thought never stopped
disturbing her.
When actually she didn't realize one
big mistake that she made.
Not one. Many. Really, many.
Her friends always asked her to join competitions,
or try new things,
or maybe just join them do anything,
but she would reject them by saying,
I'll just ruin your projects. I can do nothing la.
Fate is cruel with me.
Until one day,
when she was helping her teacher with
her friends,
she saw something. She saw a quote.

She was slapped by the words.
She blinked and a sudden realization
filled up her mind and heart.
Is it fate or is it me?
Yes, time had provided chances for her
to try and change, but she neglected them.
She never saw the bright chances of
things that came to her,
and just let the dark thoughts controlling her.
She kept blaming fate and people,
when she was the one at fault.
She was the one who never took the chances.
So after that,
she tried to change.
It's never too late.
Every time she got the chance, she would
try anything and join competitions.
She didn't want to wake up in regret one day,
and thought about the chances she had
and let them passed by.
And so now she has figured out.
She actually can anything,
as long as she wants and try.

If she can,
why would not you?


I'm a bad storyteller and I know that.
Dang it. Haha. Sorry for my bad
plot and grammatical errors. I just
hope that you get the clue and message
of this story.

Is true or is it not?
It's up to you whether it's true or not.


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Sunday, 18 January 2015 @ 8:54 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
So as you know or not know, I am now
sixteen. I'm quite surprise actually.
I mean, I still couldn't believe that
I am now sixteen.
Just look at the title, okay?
A quite different level.
I just don't know how to describe that,
but it's just different. Same but different.
Different but same.
Let's talk about the differences
and similarities.

No different at block.
Still the not-so isolated island.
Still the lame me.

1- Subjects of upper form are much more
confusing but interesting. At least for me.
2- I am now the KD of my dorm. So I rule.
3- Now I am not confused whether I can
or I cannot listen to songs at dorm.
4- I can take bath quite late.
5- I can play deck with Chazo. :b

And some the other things that I couldn't
think of to list. Or maybe just private.
Oh God I am feeling so lame right now,
I don't know why.
You see, I don't really have
confidence in me. I always feel
so left out. Like, urgh --'
I do have some friends.
Let's just say,
I am person who doesn't know
how to say thanks.

I am nobody.
Are you a nobody too?

How I wish I could be like
my sisters.


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Friday, 9 January 2015 @ 3:05 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Remember, I did talk about my principle in life kan.
Other than "never look down on anyone",
is a big word in my life dictionary. To be honest lah.
Even though I like something such as anime-ish,
band-ish, weird-ish, I would never dispute
one's fondness about something.
As example, a friend of mine does like a
cute-and-feminine-face-boy-band, and she's like,
screaming for them. TO BE HONEST, I don't
like that kind of band and kinda annoyed by that
kind of band, but I would never say something like,

"Please lah. You have such bad taste and ugh.
Their songs are not good tho."

That. hurts. so. much.
I know that feeling. I know that feeling
really well.

Maybe I would just say, "Oh okay. Haha.
Sorry taste kita tak sama tapi minat kau kan."

Or maybe there's this one person LIKES
a guy very much that she thinks she's in love
might be something that people would think,
but don't blurt out those words heartlessly.
That is HER TASTE.
So why not?
It's good for her for liking somebody
not based by looks!
I mean, everyone has their own weird
taste on something right? Even I like 
something weird and I won't tell you. Haha --'

Do not say,
"Wow so ugly. Serious. Macam mana
kau boleh minat dia?!! HAHAHAHAH"

"Fix your taste la!"

I know it hurts. I didn't expect my own
friends to laugh at my taste --'

That person that being laughed at maybe
has to face depression and change her
taste force-ly just because she doesn't
want to be a joke again --'

So yeah. Let me tell you, being like what
I just told you it's not fake. It's what people call
being matured.
Just for your information lah kan.

Those examples I have told you are just
small things in daily life.
Oh. Another thing.
Respect your leader. Respect your parents.
Respect your teachers. Respect your friends.
Respect other people's culture and religion.
Well maybe you should be careful sikit lah
when giving someone your respect.
You can debate on what you beliefs and
religion, but when you are not, you
just have to respect.
They want to pray and do something because
they were being told to do so, you can't just
go prevent them without any knowledge.
Some people respect Muslims when
it's our prayer time.
So why can't we?


Another last thing --'
This is the elaboration to 
respect our leaders. Leaders are deserve
to be respected because --

1) It's an order from God. 
(as mine, Allah).
2) They are willing to take responsibility to
rule something.

Respect their hard works when they are 
kind and do not torture us. They let us live
and do what they can. So who are you
to critic on everything that they do?
You don't even know the reasons
behind all their actions. They might
have a bigger plan for us.
Just be grateful for what you have now. --'


And so that's that. I am so sorry for all
my mistakes in this post. And please, I beg
please correct me if I'm wrong. Just a normal
human-being that wants a peace.




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Wednesday, 7 January 2015 @ 8:09 am
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My Best Friend
by Ray

Once you always said to me
How much you abhor backstabbers and fakers
How disgraceful to be near liars and copycats
But then I just laughed
Because for me you were just
Hating your own ugly reflections on mirror

True to say
Your sweet words were enchanting
And your smile had always hypnotized people
You looked into the eyes when you talked
But who knew the words you said 
Were just lies behind your tongue

You, the one who loved by everyone
Was my only best friend
But I guess you didn't think it like that
You caught my darkest shadow
Kept it before you exposed it to everyone
Yes you really were my best friend
Since you were so smart at lying
And I loved smart people

Slowly people started to ignore my existence
They looked at me as 
I am a monster
They didn't realize
That person who once closest to me
Was the real monster
And we were just the same

That person who once closest to me
Was the most deceiving monster
And I was just the shadow behind
Yes we were best friend
I was the reflection
And my best friend was the subject
Damn it
My best friend was really smart
I just loved smart people

Before I realized it
That person who once closest to me
Has gone by wind and time
Killed by the reflection of his
Hey didn't I say
My best friend was so smart?
He stated that I was the monster
Why shouldn't I be the real one?

This is so awful.
I don't know I just feel like writing 
one since I haven't wrote a poem for
a long time huhuhu.

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Sunday, 4 January 2015 @ 6:31 pm
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Hello!! Maybe this'll be an emo post, but not so emo.
Faham tak? Haha. Just nak luahkan perasaan.
Hmm, recently aku rasa macam cepat sangat marah.
Dia marah darah aku boiled 24 hours //cries//
So bila orang buat silap sikit pun aku
dah macam
Ya Tuhan, annoyingnya kau ei jauh daripada
aku. taknak dengar suara kau syoohsyooh
macam tu faham tak?
Lagi-lagi bila kena bebel. //hm
Tapi mestilah aku tak tunjukkan sangat,
sebab nak jadi matang jugak hekhek,
tapi uh. Reaksi muka aku macam menunjukkan
semuanya. Tak gunaaa. TnT
Sebab muka aku ni memang jenis betray.
Nanti dengan tak sengaja aku ter-
roll eyes la, renguslah, shrug la, pandang
arah lain la, whatever lah. Aduhai. 
Sedihnyaa. Macam mana nak atasi benda ni?
Haha //cries//.


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Thursday, 1 January 2015 @ 11:13 am
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Assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to everyone.
Sejujurnya aku masih tak sangka dah 2015.
Like, serius ke hari ni 1 Januari?
Dia perasaan yang macam kena harungi semua
benda balik from A to Z,
cuma ni buku siri yang ke-16.
Amboi novel apa yang sampai ada 16
siri ni? Hahaha.
K tak lawak pun.
Hmm, nak tbh?
Okey to be honest, macam apa yang orang cakap,
2014 ialah tahun yang tough.
Tak tahu kenapa. 
Semua benda macam susah waktu 2014.
Everything seems wrong and hard.
Banyak sangat ujian. Bencana yang satu Malaysia
terkena penangannya. Rasanya tak perlu
lah kot aku list sebab dah ramai orang list
dekat Twitter nu haa.
Tapi hm, rasa macam ada berubah sikit
waktu 2014. Tak pasti la. Tapi
aku rasa lepas ni aku akan jadi lebih macam
bak kata orang.
Rasa macam tak kisah apa yang orang sebut,
tak kisah apa orang kutuk,
tak kisah kawan kawan talam 10 muka,
tak kisah asalkan dia sebut
tentang agama, family and close friends.
[kecuali tang kena pijak kepala,
memang nak kena pukui noh].
I wonder what will 2015 bring to me.
No. To us. 
To Sui Generis 1216, my beloved
batch at my school. Apa pun harap
semua orang akan guna kelebihan
dan kelemahan memasing ke arah
yang bagus untuk kebaikan semua


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Hey. You may call me Ray. I am Malaysian and proud to be the last 90s. Still young. Currently, in love with a few English bands like FOB, MCR, Skillet, Green Day, Simple Plan, BunkFace, One OK Rock, Alexandros and etc etc. Also like anime and good music. Life is quite busy lately but hey I still have to enjoy it before it ends right? Ask anything at Cbox! Woohoo!

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